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Biology on Mac OS X: analyze sequences with MacVector

Biology on Mac OS X: analyze sequences with MacVector logomacitynet1200wide 1

Accelrysm, division of Pharmacopeia, has released version 7.1 of the analysis and editing software of sequences very popular among biologists from overseas. It works both with Mac OS 8.6 and with Mac OS X and allows to carry out in addition to the management of the sequences also the PCR primer analysis, research on databases available on the Internet, protein analysis allowing to visualize the results in graphic or text form.

MacVector developer Michael Stapleto told MacCentral that "thanks to Mac OS X it was possible to incorporate algorithms that were only available through high-level Unix products such as GCG's Wisconsin Package: in the development of the application we will benefit from the support of X for multiprocessors, its ability to perform complex tasks in the background and the new cross-platform graphic format (PDF) ?A demo version of the software is available on the Accelrysm website.

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