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BeeJive, the definitive Instant Messaging arrives on the iPhone

BGR officially released BeeJive, the well-known IM software available on Blackberry and now also on iPhone and iPod touch, over the past weekend. or MobileChat.

Among the most interesting features of BeeJive there is the possibility to set a timeout time, which will keep the application open and able to receive messages even when the use screen is closed. In addition, the program is already designed to accommodate the "push" for applications, once Apple will implement it in the firmware.

BeeJive supports all the most used protocols, including of course .Mac / MobileMe, AIM, MSN, Jabber, Google Talk, iCQ, Myspace and Yaahoo and obviously all at the same time.

It has an SMS out connection to chat through the AIM or Yahoo SMS out serials and fully integrated with the address book of the iPhone and iPod touch. Buddy groups can be ordered as desired and you can also customize the alarms and icons of the correspondents.

An interesting feature is the possibility of chatting with the touch window horizontally.

They are coming in the next version: group chat, emoticons and full Hyperlink support.

Version 1.0.0 which costs the considerable amount of 12.99 Euros available immediately through this page of the AppStore.