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Apple iOS 7: here is the first information


iOS 7: the first information leaked

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<p style=In June, as happens every year, Apple will hold its WWDC conference in San Francisco, during which some of the news that the company will launch during 2013 will be presented. Among these, surely there will also be the new one iOS 7, the operating system that animates iPhone, iPod and iPad.

We still don't know if iOS 7 will be unveiled during WWDC (which is very difficult), but the first information regarding Apple's new OS for its portable devices is starting to arrive.

So let's see together the rumors about iOS 7, which appeared on the net during the night.

The news comes directly from the 9to5mac website, who posted some information on iOS 7 overnight.

Bearing in mind that this is unofficial news, we can note however that these rumors claim that the new iOS 7 will have a new interface, flatter, simpler and minimal than the current one, without any reference to real elements.

Some clues that could make us understand how iOS 7 will be can be seen already in the official applications that Apple has recently updated, such as Podcast.

In any case, the appearance of the new iOS 7 will surprise many users, but it will not be difficult to use for those used to the previous versions and above all it will not be as revolutionary as many expected. Anyway, whoever got to see Ive's work on the new iOS 7, compared the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7 as the one from the single color to the colored interface of the iPods. It will be a good jump, therefore.

At the moment, moreover, it seems that the code name of the iOS 7 operating system is Innsbruck. Among the main novelties of this OS, it seems that we will finally find a brand new set of icons for native apps, new toolbars and tab bars and other changes throughout the interface. It also appears that Apple's engineers are also introducing various graphics goodies, which will not in any way undermine the usability of the operating system.

Finally, it seems that Apple is examining the hypothesis of implementing new panels on the right and left, a bit like what happens with the Notification Center that descends from above.

In short, iOS 7 will only bring new graphics, new icons and some additional customization? Is this all Apple's answer to Windows Phone 8 and Android?

We'll see. I sincerely hope that iOS 7 is not limited to some graphic changes, otherwise Apple will lag behind the competition. The company should listen more to the needs and desires of its customers, satisfying them by introducing really useful functions instead of some icons or some useless graphic changes.

What do you say?

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