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Angry Birds Go: here is the first trailer of the game coming soon …

The developer house Rovio, creator of the smash hit Angry Birds, does not stop working on this title, refreshed by the continuous successes that it obtains with the countless versions released so far on the various stores for mobile devices. Now the company has announced that it will be released on December 11th Angry Birds Go, the new title that sees the famous birds engaged in a racing game Mario Kart style.

The game dynamics are those of the well-known Mario Kart game, but the gang of the Angry Birds and the rival pigs will guide the unleashed vehicles. It will be racing crazy, in which it is not only having the most powerful vehicle, but it is necessary to balance with a good dose of driving skills and luck in capturing the various power ups and various aids that we will find on the path and that will make the challenge very unpredictable. Angry Birds Go It will also be characterized by the classic detailed graphics that we have also seen in the previous titles and with an attention to detail that now distinguishes the titles of the Rovio house.

At the moment the distribution date that will be the day has been made official December 11th next, and the title should be available in free-to-play mode with additional paid content that can be purchased separately. Rovio, has also released the first trailer of Angry Birds Go that you can see at this link.

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