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25 tricks for Google Search you can't do …

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use it Google Search more than any other web service to search for information of various kinds. many for I do not know all the potential of this service, and for this reason today we will go to see 25 tricks that will help you use Google Search better and which you can no longer do without.

We will go to see these tricks for Google Search thanks to, which has long been offering excellent infographics very informative and useful. The team recently released one that contains 25 fantastic tricks and tips to help you become an expert user of Google Search searches.

Some of the tricks that we are going to offer you will surely know some of you, but we challenge anyone not to find at least one of which he did not know of the existence.For example, did you know that it is possible to search for results only from a particular geographical position, or that you can use an asterisk as a wildcard to search for phrases with missing words?Google it has several more or less hidden functions that can change the way you search with your Android device.

Here is the infographic that offers i 25 tricks to make the best use of Google Search and become real search wizards:


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