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With Snow Patrol interactive music on the Apple Store

With Snow Patrol interactive music on the Apple Store logomacitynet1200wide 1

Interesting initiative by Snow Patrol, a British band that first decided to take advantage of the App Store available on iTunes to circulate extra content that will accompany the release of the group's next album. Entitled "A Hundred Million Suns", fans of the band will be able to download a special application from the iPhone and iPod touch store, a sort of interactive electronic booklet.

Inside you can consult the lyrics of the songs, observe the dedicated artwork and retrieve all the information that usually filled the paper supports of the CDs. For many music lovers, the pleasure of being able to consult a booklet contained in a CD package remains unparalleled.

Perhaps Snow Patrol may have found a way to convince all those who have always viewed the total digitization of music with skepticism, although the more hardcore will continue to prefer the rustling of the pages.

In any case, the possibility of being able to browse extra content directly on your iPhone or iPod touch always represents an original and interesting initiative by Snow Patrol, a first time and a precedent that will undoubtedly be replicated by other musicians.

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