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The Simpson celebrates Saint Patrick: new levels inspired by Ireland

We already told you about The Simpson Springfield, the game produced by EA Mobile inspired by the famous cartoon series.

These days, near the Saint Patrick's Day, the creators of the game wanted to celebrate by releasing an expansion with new levels and many surprises inspired byIreland.

Directly fromGoogle Play Store we find:

Functions available in this version:

Triumph of clover! A pinch of Ireland in Springfield: a new story, characters and buildings for St. Patrick's day. New building: have a pint at the OFlanagans pub. New characters: help Tom OFlanagan and the leprechaun to settle in the city. New decorations: add some of the Irish's good luck to your city, with the Wishing Well and the Triumph of Clover. New missions: Will OFlanagans will find his place in Springfield?

A passionate reader of ours has informed us that it is well 9 new levels, which are inspired by the episode in which Homer and family travel to Ireland.

We offer you some screenshots that show some of the new elements available during the game:

If you can't wait to immerse yourself in the yellow world of the Simpsons, you just have to click on this link. Guaranteed fun!

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