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Star Trigon, new iPod game with clickwheel

Star Trigon, new iPod game with clickwheel logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple released a new game for iPod last night (with ring), it is Star Trigon inspired by an old Namco title that had depopulated in the world of coin ups in the early 2000s.

In Star Trigon you have to help a space team ?to save Uchjin travelers from wandering aimlessly in space. Team members jump from planet to planet to form so-called stingrays; our task, reads in the description, is to save everyone before the air supply ends. To perform the task you have three different members of the square, 4 difficulty levels, 79 different scenarios. Eruptions and black holes must be avoided and interact with various types of planets. There are also unlockable levels.

The cost of Star Trigon of 4.99 euros; to play you must have a third generation iPod nano, iPod Classic or fifth generation iPod.

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