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Listen to MP3 and streaming music for free with AnyPlay, an alternative to Spotify


Listen to lots of MP3s with AnyPlay, a lantern that is completely free to Spotify

I point out an interesting program that you can use as an alternative to Spotify to listen to MP3 music and songs in streaming Free.

Today's program is calledAnyPlay and, as we said, an application that offers the possibility to listen to many music tracks in streaming also on the move, without the need to subscribe to any paid subscription, unlike solutions such as Spotify or Rdio.

We have talked in the past aboutSpotifyisRdio,two excellent services just landed in Italy that allow you to listen to music and songs in streaming for a fee, both from PC and from portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Despite being excellent programs in every respect, it must be remembered that these two software are paid: to listen to streaming music, indeed, you need to subscribe which, however cheap it may be, still needs to be paid.

If you want to listen to streaming MP3 music and songs for free, however, there are numerous alternatives that are completely free (or almost) that enjoy a much lower popularity, but offer quality comparable to the services mentioned above.

Just among these alternatives we findAnyPlay, program for iPhone, iPad and iPod with a very accurate interface that allows you to listen to songs and MP3 music streaming for free. Let's see how it works and what it offers.

The peculiarity of the new application ofIgruly given by the extreme ease of use. The application is very quick to start and immediately shows us a text box to search for the song or artist. Once we press on this we will be shown the history of our latest searches.

Often it will happen that of a single song we will be offered multiple results, some with a fairly questionable audio quality, especially for the lesser known pieces. Once a song has been launched, the music streaming will start, inside a window showing the album cover, the traditional keys for controlling (back, forward and play) and those for repeating or for random selection (shuffle).

We can also insert the song among our favorites, share it on (after registration) or Twitter, or add it to a playlist. Unfortunately the latter function is only availableby purchasing an additional packageat a cost of 89 cents (it's worth it). This also adds the functionality of theSmart playlist, a listening mode in which the application suggests similar passages, starting from an initial passage of our choice.

As we said earlier, the simple graphical interface, but at the same time decidedly more pleasant than that of HypedMusic (similar and alternative program to listen to streaming music for free), allowing us to browse the albums, functionality not present in the latter.

Compared to Spotify, some functions are missing: for example the possibility to save our playlists on the device storage. Furthermore, there is no social component within the application itself which instead relies on third-party social networks such as Twitter or On Spotify also, we have the possibility to access information about the most listened songs of the moment, the charts according to our country and a whole series of musical tips to help us discover new music,features absent on AnyPlay.

As for the quality of the music, on AnyPlay we have ups and downs. We have compared the audio quality offered by AnyPlay with that of Spotify with the same songs, realizing that it is often difficult to identify which of the two versions is the best. However, on AnyPlay some pieces recorded with a very low bitrate happen, especially for the songs not too well known or the Italian ones.In this case, just select a different version from those proposed in the search to find one with a better quality.

In short, as you can easily guess, thisAnyPlayoffers users the essential Spotify functions and good audio quality, often comparable to that of320kbps MP3 from Spotify.

Unlike other free proposals, moreover,AnyPlay equipped with a pleasant graphical interface that makes it quite easy to navigate between the various songs and the various albums on offer. However, you need to purchase the additional packageAnyPlay +to 89 cents to be able to take advantage of the music streaming service in all its functions.

Certainly,Spotify wins with easethe comparison with AnyPlay, but let's not forget thatthe latter does not require any form of monthly payment. In this perspective, Igruly's solution seemed to us to be among the best within the AppStore, especially if you are not willing to pay a monthly subscription.

AnyPlay available on the App Store and compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (third generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app optimized for iPhone 5.

Try it and let me know what you think!

It's just a shame that there is no synchronization of the songs between iPhone and iPad and the possibility of saving the songs on the device: if the developers add these two functions, it is truly a masterpiece app. However, I would like to point out that Hyped Music, even if it has a less accurate interface, allows you to save songs offline, a very useful feature for listening to songs when there is no internet connection.

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