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LG Blast Chiller: and the refrigerator cools the can in five minutes

LG Blast Chiller: and the refrigerator cools the can in five minutes logomacitynet1200wide 1

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In the midst of the announcements of smart TVs, ultra-communicating telephones and increasingly large double-door refrigerators, LG celebrated during its opening conference of the CES 2012 an important result that would make all lovers of cold drinks and especially the most distracted ones happy.

LG's new double door (or better, triple door) refrigerator, designed for the American market where this type of appliance has a strong impact on the market, has an important novelty that earned the Korean company a special prize here at CES: this is the possibility of bringing a bottle of wine or two cans from room temperature to that of the fridge in eight minutes instead of the normal 40 minutes.

If you only have one can, the times are even shorter: only five minutes for your favorite beer and this thanks to a special drawer that uses jets of cold air for optimal redistribution within the various compartments and is exploited to the maximum in the restricted space reserved for the blast chiller.

Here on the side we see an image of the gigantic LG refrigerator and the compartment reserved for instant cooling.

Below, instead, a "first floor" of the Blast Chiller section of the refrigerator.

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