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JellyLock, the tweak to unlock the iPhone as Android Jelly Bean 4.1


Do you like the Android unlock screen? JellyLock the tweak for iPhone that's right for you! | Cydia [Video]

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Here is a new tweak dedicated to iPhone users.

Today's tweak is called JellyLock and, as you can guess from the name, allows you to give a touch of Android Jelly Bean to your Apple iPhone.

What exactly does this JellyLock do?Let's see it together!

JellyLock a new tweak available a few hours ago on Cydia that allows you to have an unlock screen that uses the same system as Jelly Bean, the latest version of the Android operating system.

In essence, with this tweak, we will be able to access various applications installed on your smartphone directly from the iPhone's screen. By unlocking the iPhone and dragging your finger on the dedicated icon, you can directly open the program you want, without having to make further long and unnecessary steps.

With tweakJellyLock possible to have oneAndroid-style unlock screenon your jailbroken device. The tweak, in fact, allows you to have a central icon in the lockscreen of your Apple device that you can drag in any direction to:

  • unlock the smartphone
  • quickly launch a specific application, just like on Android Jelly Bean

The highly customizable program: within the program Settings, in fact, you can customize the tweak in various ways:

  • you can change the theme with a series of preconfigured alternatives
  • you can configure various application shortcuts in the lockscreen

If you don't like this tweak, remember that you can always try a similar software, called Grabby, which does an almost identical thing, but integrating better with iOS. Both are two very good tweaks, try them both and select the one you prefer.

If you want to learn more about the JellyLock tweak, watch the video below.

Recall that JellyLock available for free on Cydia, even if still in Beta version.

You can download and install it by adding the repository http: // to those already present.

Let us know what you think, how you find yourself and if you prefer this or Grabby.

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