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iDieta: the personal trainer to survive the festive lunches and dinners on iPhone

The iDieta app offers all the necessary tools to keep our body weight under control, measure the calories ingested, estimate those consumed, as well as a series of tips, tricks and even recipes to lose or maintain weight. By installing it we transform our iPhone into a personal trainer always at our disposal.

For the count of the calories ingested iDieta offers a database with all the main foods divided into various categories: bread, cereals, salami, drinks and spirits, Fast foods (Fast-Food), fish, fruit, legumes, meat, pasta, sweets and vegetables. For each one, we offer an estimate of kilocalories in addition to consumption, always expressed in kcal based on the type of activity carried out between the gym, work at home, indoors, away from home, office work and sports. In the section dedicated to weight loss or weight maintenance we have available the calculation of body mass, the estimate of our ideal weight and the indication of the kcal to be ingested every day. The app also offers tips for a balanced diet including a series of light recipes.

The iDieta app for iPhone available on the App Store for 79 cents.

iDieta for iPhone

iDieta for iPhoneiDieta for iPhoneiDieta for iPhone