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FireBay: new life for the PowerBook G3 drives.

FireBay: new life for the PowerBook G3 drives. logomacitynet1200wide 1

FireBay, a docking station for the drives that can be inserted in the 1999 and 2000 models of the PowerBook G3 (bronze and FireWire keyboard) starts from MCE Technologies. If in use with any other Mac equipped with a FireWire port, the Firebay becomes a means for to make the various peripherals such as CD, DVD, CD-RW, HardDisk, SuperDisk, Floppy and whatever else the fantasies of the third parties had churned out for the entire lifetime of that model of PowerBook G3, successor of the glorious "WallStreet", a laptop that marked a fundamental moment in the history of Apple.A brilliant way not to lose the investments made with the previous laptop model, now perhaps placed in the attic instead of a Titanium or iBook.FireBay (more info in the PDF) costs 169 dollars.

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