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Does new technology allow for the potential return of the black MacBook?

Does new technology allow for the potential return of the black MacBook? logomacitynet1200wide 1

If you dream of a black aluminum MacBook Pro, it may be time to rekindle your hopes. The possibility of returning Apple desks to your desks or bags in the appreciated and never forgotten hue that was of PowerBooks and then MacBooks rebounds from the Czech Republic

Some Czechoslovak students from the Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences in Prague have discovered an inexpensive way to color aluminum black, eliminating the high costs of the production processes used so far (laser or vapor exposure).

Black aluminum useful in the hi-tech industry for its absorbent capacity and could also be used to increase the efficiency of solar panels, to produce chemical sensors, as well as having various possible uses in the military (aluminum painted black capable of absorbing the microwaves emitted by some radars making it impossible to identify some vehicles). Apple could exploit the solution in question to make the MacBook Pro in black aluminum: its great experience with amorphous metal alloys (see LiquidMetal) would allow potentially very interesting results to be obtained.

Recall that the latest black MacBook in black polycarbonate was marketed from 2006 until October 2008 and still has large numbers of admirers. Apple could have produced new black MacBooks in light aluminum but the industrial processes available to date would have slowed production and increased the costs of the final product.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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