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Carmageddon for Android arrives on May 10th

Carmageddon, the controversial racing video game launched in 1997 and caught in the eye of mass media criticism due to its violent content, is preparing to return to devices Android next May 10, thanks to the excellent work done by Stainless Games. The developer had the pleasure and courage to resume a game particularly loved by fans. Carmageddon for Android will be available for free for the first 24 hours.

carmageddon android

The game will be a faithful reproduction of the original which debuted more than 15 years ago on a PC obviously compatible with the touchscreen displays of tablets and smartphones Android. Carmageddon will offer 11 scenarios, 36 levels and 30 cars with which to win the races and wreak havoc around him. The title is not in fact a racing game in the classic sense of the term, given that the goal is to complete the scenarios by destroying the means of the opponents, investing all the pedestrians (hence the furious criticisms that have even led to censorship and non-marketing in many countries) or completing the path through all the checkpoint. The scenarios must be completed before a countdown expires, even if the time available can be increased precisely by carrying out one of the two violent actions explained above.


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