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CallRecorder, the best program to record calls on iPhone


How to record calls on iPhone with CallRecorder Cydia (VIDEO)

IPhone Audio Recorder

Here is a nice program dedicated to all iPhone users.

With CallRecorder you will have the possibility to record calls directly on your smartphone in an easy, immediate and fast way.

CallRecorder a Cydia tweak, completely free, which allows you to record calls on iPhone. Those who do not have the jailbreak cannot save and record their calls on the iPhone, while those who have the jailbreak have the possibility to do it thanks to the tweakCallRecorder.

Let's see what this CallRecorder offers and how it works.

How many times have you wondered if it was possible or not to record calls on iPhone?

If you have the jailbreak, from today you have not only an affirmative answer to this question, but also a free program to do it!

In recent days, in fact, a very useful and comfortable tweak has been released on Cydia, CallRecorder, which allows you to record calls on iPhone.

As we said, CallRecorder a new tweak that allows you to record calls on iPhone directly from the iOS Phone application.All in an extremely simple, fast and immediate way.

The tweak was initially published under another name on Cydia, but was later removed for legal reasons. Now the name of the tweak has changed and the program is available again. Here is a video showing it in action:

But how does CallRecorder work? How do you record calls on iPhone?

All very simple and immediate: CallRecorderva in fact to add a new screen to the Settings menu that will allow you to activate / deactivate the tweak and choose some basic preferences.

In addition to the panel in the Settings, CallRecorderinstaller automatically a new application on the iPhone Home screen from which you can manage the recorded calls.

As you can always see from the video, the call quality recorded on the iPhone by CallRecorder is quite good, despite the fact that the volume may be slightly low. Obviously, after recording the calls, you can also listen to them: the playback of the acquired audio can take place via the iPhone speaker or through the earphones.

If you plan to use this program to secretly record calls on iPhone, without telling your interlocutor, know that the person on the other side of the phonewill be notifiedthe start of the call recording, so take this into account. The program is useful, but the other person will know that you are recording the call.

At the moment, then, it seems that on iPhone 4S the program has a bug that forces the user to use the speakerphone to correctly record a call. Hopefully it will be fixed quickly.

Overall, however, this CallRecorder is definitely a really useful iPhone program.

If you are interested in recording your calls on iPhone, you can download CallRecord for free from the ModMyi repository or from the Elias Limneos repository ( in Cydia.

Obviously, as we reiterated several times in the article, to install this program a jailbroken device required.The tweak compatible only with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Try it and let us know how you feel with this free program to record calls on iPhone.

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