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Android weather widget also on iPhone: here's how


How to get the Android Weather Widget on iPhone | Cydia

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Our guides dedicated to Apple users who would like some of the widgets that characterize Android devices would like to continue on their smartphone.

In particular, today we point out one very interesting guide that allows you to add on your iPhone a weather widget in full Android style.

Let's say right away that, to use this widget, you need to have an iPhone with Jailbreak. That said, let's see how to customize your iPhone with JellyBean iWidget, which allows you to have a beautiful Android-style weather widget on the iPhone. For those who like to customize and get inspiration from Android, theJelly BeaniWidget definitely a good option.

Let's see in detail this software, available only for users with iPhone jailbrekkato.

The iWidget JellyBean, just as the name suggests, allows users with an iPhone with Jailbreak to activate the Jelly Bean weather widget on your device.

But how do you use this program? Nothing could be simpler! Once installed, the widget is activated by pressing and holding on a free space on the SpringBoard. JellyBean iWidget also allows you to access various options to configure it and to better adapt it to our needs.

Among the available settings, users can decide whether to use the weather information through the GPS coordinates of the device, or whether or not to use a Yahoo! of the city that can be obtained from the web.

In addition, the program provides you with different clock formats. Finally, it is also possible to set the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Finally, we find a rich selection of different images and icons for the weather forecast.

A program of this type, obviously, will negatively impact the battery of your iPhone: to prevent the battery life from being excessively reduced, it is also possible to set the update frequency at longer intervals than the default ones.

Overall, however, JellyBean iWidget looks like a beautiful iPhone widget. If you have the Jailbreak, I absolutely recommend it.

It's availablefor freein Cydia Store through the repo ofModMyIwithout requiring special requirements or iOS versions. To try, really nice and well done!

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