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Android Vacation Apps: Here are the must-see ones

Careful programming will never be able to replace a stroke of luck. The maxim. This is the translation of Duhn's law, which is more applicable than ever before the holidays. If you have not yet decided where to spend the holidays, with this post I will point out a list of Android holiday apps which should never be missing on your smartphone or tablet.

World Travel Guide: the first application of the category do you travel and local info that I point out that developed by Triposo that nothing but a list of guides on the most popular tourist destinations. Lots of information from local inhabitants and those who have already stayed within the reach of smartphones. On vacation, you will go there more prepared, already knowing what awaits you. Android Vacation Apps between Android holiday apps more deserving of the download and installation due to the ease with which it is possible to search among over 5,500 low cost accommodations, hotels, bed & breaksfast and other structures. The ability to view reviews, comments, videos and, last but not least, the position on Google maps will allow you to better plan your trips and book your holidays up to a year in advance.

BagList Android Vacation Apps

BagList: an excellent free application of the category do you travel and local info, useful for better planning yours holidays, without forgetting anything at home. As you can see from the screenshot, the user interface divided into 4 sections: Suitcases, People, utilities is Information. Try it and pack your bags, filling in the lists before leaving.

Wikitude holidays Android apps

Wikitude: between Android holiday apps truly unmissable c this sort of pocket Cicero, whose basic mission is to provide you with searches based directly on your geographical position with results that can be shown on the display through augmented reality. The database continues to grow, so much so that the places supported are over 100 million.

Hotel Tonight Android holiday apps

Tonight hotels: regarding the selection of hotel facilities, this free application of the category do you travel and local info second to none. Not only are you given the best deals, but you can book them at any time. The interface of Hotel Tonight is highly intuitive, even if the limited territoriality (Italy, Europe and the United States are very well covered countries).

Airbnb Android holidays apps

Airbnb: we end the list with one of the best apps for planning holidays and holidays do you travel. The beauty of it is that you can consult over 450,000 ads from more than 34,000 cities and find out if any private individual is interested in renting holiday houses is apartments. You can post ads, view photos, contact the owner and book directly via smartphone. Simpler than this?

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