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Android app remembers parking: find out where your car is on the map

At the end of the evening, for many of us, finding a car in the parking lot can be very complex, just like a treasure hunt. C who just got out of the car takes a point of reference, but in a new city, in the open and crowded spaces, such as shopping centers, hypermarkets, remembering the exact location can be a difficult task. Here you are one short list of app Android remembers parking, whose mission the bottom line is to show you where yours is car up map.

Car Finder AR: two are the main functions of this application released by Hexter Labs Software on the Play Store. The first is to report you i parking nearby. The second in indicating the exact position of the machine on the map thanks to the GPS. You choose where to view the notification: email, message, WhatsApp, Foursquare, Twitter or Facebook. The price of Car Finder AR of 1.99 euros.

Park Droid Android app reminds parking lot

Park Droid: would be the non plus ultra if it did not always remain in the background, negatively affecting the energy consumption of the Android device. For the rest, the saving of the vehicle position is done manually or through GPS. By pressing on the blue icon, you will be shown all the information and you will not waste any more time searching for your car. The timer proves useful in paid car parks. Finally, the signaling tool for nearby car parks is excellent.

WIP Where I parked

WIP Where did I park?: comfort and reliability are the cornerstones of this valid one Android app reminds parking lot. The operation is very simple, since the widget allows you to memorize the position of your car by pressing a simple button. The option Navigate allows you to connect to Google Maps; the possibility of inserting notes on the car park (editor's note like a reference point) car near the shop x), access to satellite map and the expiry time with an adjustable audible warning make the difference with the other applications of the Play Store. The top at no cost.

Park Me Right, Car Locator Android app remembers parking

Park Me Right, Car Locator: the short list of app Android remembers parking reported in this article concludes with that developed by Anagog, as it will allow you to save a lot of time looking for your car among hundreds of vehicles, after a concert or outside the stadium. Memorize the position of your vehicle by pressing the save button. Then click on Find Machine and follow the instructions given to you on Google Maps. Special mention to timer which tells you the time spent from the car park (useful function in paid car parks) and at augmented reality. In the database of Park Me Right, Car Locator there is information on parking in the largest cities in the world.

To conclude, these applications are very useful even if you don't have a garage and you want to find the car parked under the house faster.

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