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An MP3 player with USB for Siemens phones

An MP3 player with USB for Siemens phones logomacitynet1200wide 1

It is in fact an accessory that can be connected to many models of the 45 and 35 series bringing them to the equipment of the top model SL45. It is possible to connect it with USB to a PC but there is no mention of compatibility with the Mac. The problem can be 'solve by loading the MP3 files on a USB-MultimediaCard / SD adapter with Mac drivers such as those of Microtech, Datafab and others but we do not despair that we can find a more direct solution for our platform.

Here are the features. – Stereo headphones supplied with minijack connection compatible with headphones of any kind and quality and with amplification system. – 32 MB MMC in gilding. – Music can be downloaded from the PC via the USB connection. headset – If a call arrives on the cellphone the music is stopped by activating the PTT (Push To Talk) key. – It is possible to play on the cellphone while listening to music. – Compatible with models C35i, M35i, S35i, S45 and with many future Siemens models – The control buttons include the play, equalization and track control modes – the track number, length, track status and song name appear on your mobile phone display – Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 cm? Weight: 30 gr? Power supply from mobile phone battery (uses 10% of the available power with 30 minutes of playback) – Interface with PC: USB.? compatible with Win 98 / ME / 2000? Playback time: over 4 hours.? MultiMediaCards usable 32/64/128 MB (when available and approved)

It will be presented at the SMAU and will be available in stores from October.

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