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Alien Breed: the shooter for Amiga arrives on Android

The software house Team 17, certainly remembered for the "saga" of Worms, which has been going on since 1995, and Alien Breed, a top-down shooter initially launched on the platform Amiga.

Team 17 (with the denomination Team 17 Digital Limited) launched the mobile version of Alien Breed on the Play Store yesterday. The graphics engine and all the dynamics of the stock remained unchanged, with the exception dellestensione, which provides four levels completely new that intertwine with the old texture. Also there will be more than 12 levels present in the Alien Breed Special Edition, launched one year after the basic version.

In addition to the mode classical game, which will allow you to play the original Alien Breed, you will find the enhanced version, which can boast improvements in many ways.

Now for we come to the painful part of the game: the price. Yes, because3.99 are certainly not few for a mobile game. It must be said that then there will be no in-app purchases and perhaps the most nostalgic will have no problem spending a similar amount.

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