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Adobe announces new products and will be at SMAU

Adobe announces new products and will be at SMAU logomacitynet1200wide 1

On the eve of the important Seybold in San Francisco, Adobe has just announced the release of Illustrator 10 and inDesign 2. They should be the first native applications for Mac OS X from the most famous software house in the Mac world. They will presumably arrive on the market by Spring 2002. Mac users will be able to preview them at SMAU, Hall 11, Station D18 / E24. According to Adobe, they are two significant upgrades, which will not only provide greater flexibility but will also allow you to integrate new functions capable of potentially expanding , the user base. Specifically in Illustrator there will be news aimed at improving compatibility with the Web. InDesign 2.0 has been strengthened with numerous functions aimed at making the work of graphic designers easier, integrating drawing tools and special effects. days, he plans to post detailed articles and specific information addressed to the Italian market that will follow the the presentation of the products to the press in our country

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