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3G: for the first time the US beat the EU (but not Italy)

3G: for the first time the US beat the EU (but not Italy) logomacitynet1200wide 1

For the first time, the US share of 3G mobile phone users exceeded the European one, even if only 0.1 percentage points. The latest Comscore research reports that 28.4 percent of cell phone owners in the United States use a 3G mobile phone, compared with 28.3 percent in Europe.

Despite the fact that the Old Continent has long adopted third generation networks, last year's growth in the US was decided, managing for the first time to exceed European figures, which had also grown over the past year but less significantly.

It should be noted that in Italy the percentage of 3G mobile users is always higher, placing itself at 38.3 percent, firmly occupying the first place, ahead of Spain, which instead totals 37.2 percent.

The growing curve of 3G in the USA has certainly been (and will be) facilitated by the latest third generation terminals, such as the iPhone 3G itself or the BlackBerry Bold, which are winning over the public and increasing interest in 3G phones.

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