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Zombiewood: action and zombies according to Gameloft. Here is the video!

We are now close to the night of Halloween, and what better time to present a game inspired by zombieif not this? Gameloft publish the trailer for Zombiewood, expected on Google Play Store just on the day of ?trick or treat".

At first glance, the new Gameloft title seems to be inspired (and not the first time that the French mobile software house is inspired by other games …) to the magnificent Guerrilla Bob, or an action-shooter with a 3D view from above. The location chosen is a semi-destroyed Hollywood, populated by hordes of zombies ready to attack us. A large number of weapons will be available to the player to defend themselves from the dead-living and the app also offers different game modes: Survival, Escort, Barricade and Marathon. Here is the video trailer!

(yframe url = ?http: // v = NSgGzkaSA3U?)

As we can see, the graphics seem really well done and in perfect cartoon style as seen on Guerrilla Bob, and the game promises to be really rich in content and very funny. Appointment therefore to Halloween, on Google Play Store!


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