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XPress and QWERTY: a software solution

XPress and QWERTY: a software solution logomacitynet1200wide 1

With the introduction of the QWERTY keyboards instead of the old QZERTY (the Italian layout derived from Olivetti typewriters) many Apple users have found themselves learning new fingerings but above all they manage with difficulty to manage software such as Xpress that they do not allow easily is the remapping of the shortcuts. Here is a software that could be right for you: it is LiveKeys XT that for 40 $ allows you to totally customize the keys to be pressed to quickly access menus, styles, tools and other commands and it is can save or load different sets from disk as desired. A demo version is also available on the website. To solve the problem you can always go back to the keyboard you are used to … there are several models available at Italian distributors with the old arrangement of the keys: among these we point out the widely used Macally iKey.

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