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Xbox Series X specifications unveiled: super powerful and backward compatible

It will be super fast, with ultra realistic graphics but also retro compatible with all the titles of the previous Microsoft consoles: some of the specifications of the next Xbox Series X console unveiled by the Windows multinational are thrilling console and video game enthusiasts.

Among the flagship Xbox Series X specifications, Zen 2 custom processors and also GPU graphics processors with RDNA architecture, therefore both CPU and GPU are designed and supplied by AMD. The combination allows the new generation Microsoft console arriving by the end of this year to deliver a computing power of 12 teraflops.

Xbox Series X specifications unveiled: super powerful and backward compatible

According to Phil Spencer, head of the console division of the multinational corporation of Redmond, this is a computing power 4 times higher than that of Xbox One and twice that of Xbox One X. To make the most of the speed of the new processor and GPU, the storage is entrusted to an SSD unit that will not only significantly reduce loading times, but will allow you to quickly resume suspended games with multiple video games.

As far as graphics are concerned, the console will also be equipped with Variable Rate Shading and DirectX Raytracing through hardware acceleration, two technologies that will increase the realism of scenes, objects and characters. Among the most acclaimed Xbox Series X specifications from fans on social networks since the announcement, the total backward compatibility, extended to every video game released for the first Xbox, Xbox 360 up to Xbox One.

Microsoft will also make Smart Delivery available, a solution thanks to which users will be able to purchase a copy of a title published by Xbox Game Studios that can be played on both the current Xbox One and the next Xbox Series X. Microsoft aims to continue to support and expand the interest on the his new console sipping other Xbox Series X specifications: in fact, the appeal still lacks the amount of RAM on board, the launch sale price and other details.

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