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What is iDSh0p and how it works, the service to make $ 300 of purchases on …


iDSh0 allows you to buy many applications from the AppStore for iPhone and iPad: with $ 68 you can shop for $ 300. Let's see how it works

You are used to to buy and download many applications for your iPhone, iPad and iPod? Here is a very interesting guide, which will allow you to buy many apps for your devices, saving a lot of money.

The service that I point out to you today is callediDSh0p and allows you to shop on the AppStore for Apple devices, downloading games and programs at a reduced price.

In detail, this iDSh0p allows you to buy $ 300 of applications on the AppStore, but you will pay only 68! Yes, you read that right: the service offered by the DSh0p allows you to save a lot of money for your purchases on the AppStore. But let's see in detail how it works.

So, the iDSh0p service similar to that offered by iCrackr.

In essence, this service also allows you to buy Apple ID at low cost. You will buy an Apple account already ready from the iDSh0p site. A credit card (not yours, of course) is linked to this account, on which a sum of about $ 300 is pre-loaded. With this sum you can buy any program, game or application on the AppStore or Mac AppStore, but instead of $ 300, it will cost you only $ 68.

But how did DSh0p work? It's safe? Let's find out together.

As we have anticipated, to use the service offered by the DSh0p you just have to choose between the two available cuts: $ 38 or $ 68. Once you make your purchase, downloading games and programs from the AppStore will be very simple.

Here are the two cuts available for purchase:

  • $ 38 purchase to get an Apple ID with $ 100 ($ 29 for a $ 77 Apple ID)
  • $ 65 purchase to get an Apple ID with $ 300 ($ 50 for a $ 230 Apple ID)

Money can be spent on the App Store and Mac App Store as well as on the iTunes Store.

In practice, with these accounts you can buy anything on the AppStore of iPhone, iPad, iPod, but also songs and albums on iTunes and games and programs for Mac. Entertainment!

As we have anticipated, this service offered by the DSh0p is ideal for anyone used to downloading a lot of material from iTunes or Apple's AppStore. In this way, in fact, you can save a lot on your purchases.

Do you still have any doubts? Below we try to do a bit of clarity.

How did DSh0p work?

In essence, without going into too much detail, the product offered by DSh0p relies on virtual credit cards that can be aggregated to your current Apple ID or can be added to a new account being created.

Attention, for:these cards don't last forever. Being virtual cards, sooner or later they are revealed and blocked, therefore, from the time of purchase, the buyer will have 10 days to take advantage of the $ 300 credit.

At the end of the 10 days there is the possibility that the account will be suspendedtherefore IDSh0p will not be held responsible if you have not used all the credit within 10 days. The site specifies that refunds will only be issued if the card stops working before exceeding $ 200.

Finally, another small detail not to be underestimated: you must use an American IP address to use this service(can use Google's free proxies).

After this list of information, let's see how this iDSh0p actually works and how to buy games and programs from the AppStore at very reduced prices.

Using this iDSh0p is really easy. After setting an American IP address on your PC, connect to the address.

On the homepage you simply have to select the product of your interest: you choose whether to make the subscription from 38 $ or the one from 68 $. Then complete the purchase and payment procedure, also completing the form for the purchase of your credit.

Payment can also be made through Paypal, in total security and immediacy.

At this point you have done everything. Just add this new Apple ID account to your iDevice / Mac to start buying the one you prefer.

I am trying the service on my iPad and everything seems to be working properly for now. Apps are downloaded without problems, as if you really paid for them all. If you want, try this service too and let us know your comments.

ATTENTION: do everything at your own risk, assuming all the responsibilities of the case. The guide is for information only to present you with a service that I find interesting.

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