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Unhappy iPhone 3G user sues Apple

Unhappy iPhone 3G user sues Apple logomacitynet1200wide 1

The complaints of disgruntled iPhone 3G users have grown exponentially on the Internet since the launch day, which took place on 11 July. Apple is working on the problem but the latest Firmware 2.0.2 update solves only some of the problems and, for several users, the headaches have even increased after the update. With this premise, a lawsuit against the manufacturer, especially in the United States, was highly predictable: this was the case. Jessica Alena Smith the first US citizen and, perhaps, globally, who has decided to sue Apple for iPhone problems.

Among the first public details relating to the cause Smith declares to have been bombarded by the advertisement which claims that the new smartphone "twice as fast at half the price" but the problems arrived immediately after the purchase. Data connection, email and SMS were lower than expected, moreover iPhone is connected to the 3G network less than 25% of the time, despite the user living in an area perfectly covered by the new AT&T network; and finally an unknown quantity of interrupted calls. Smith knows that the problems she has encountered are common to many other people, and so she has requested that her lawsuit against Apple be brought to class action. If this happens, Apple will be called upon to make substantial reimbursements and compensation: Smith herself claims that thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of users could join in the possible class action generated by her cause.

Smith claims to have sustained economic and monetary damage resulting from the purchase of the iPhone, also the smartphone does not offer the performance declared by Apple on the 3G network. The plaintiff asks that Apple repair or replace all the defective iPhone 3Gs, it also requires coverage for damages plus interest and a monetary reimbursement finally covering legal fees. If all this is transformed into a Cupertino class action, you could find yourself repaying a considerable sum of money. Among the first to report the news we mention Arstechnica.

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