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Two PDFs to know everything about Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

Apple offers two new long PDFs, two technical documents that illustrate the technical characteristics of the new ones in an extended way Mac Pro he was born in Pro Display XDR.

The two PDFs (here the one for Mac Pro, here the one for Pro Display XDR) allow you to get to know every possible detail on key functions and components, two very complete reports on Intel Xeon W, memory, PCI Express expansion slots, the T2 chip, the internal SSDs, Afterburner, the LCD panel, the backlight system, the accuracy of the display, etc.

In the Mac Pro document explained why it was designed and built in this way, the performance that can be obtained, expansion and configuration options, the performance possible with the Mac Pro Expansion Module, or MPX Module, details on the additional PCIe lanes to integrate the Thunderbolt technology and offer even more capacity. Much of this information was already known but is now enclosed in a single large reference "white book".

Two PDFs to know all the details possible on Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR.

Along the lines of the document dedicated to the Mac Pro, the PDF for the Pro Display XDR is also a technical reference document that collects everything there is to know on the professional screen and details on the backlight technology, with brightness, contrast and colors reaching levels never seen with Extreme Dynamic Range (XDR).

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