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TUTORIAL: Let's learn Pages, the "made in" Apple word processor for Mac! Part 14: How …

To limit access to a Pages document, you can assign it a password. Passwords can consist of practically any combination of upper and lower case numbers and letters, as well as several special keyboard characters. The password consisting of combinations of letters, numbers and other characters are generally considered more secure.

How to set a password in a Pages document:

  • To add a password from the document, open the Document settings, click Document, then deselect "Require password to open" at the bottom of the settings. Screen 2013-03-22 at 19.11.47Enter the desired password in the proposed fields, then click Set password. When a password-protected document, the document title marked with a lock icon.If you want help creating an unusual or robust password, click the key icon button next to the Password field to open the password. 'Password assistant, which will help you create a password. Depending on the characteristics that you consider most important in the password, select a type of password from the pop-up menu.In the Suggestion field a password appears whose robustness indicated by the length and the green color of the Quality bar (the strongest passwords are more difficult to break ). If you like the suggested password, copy it and paste it in the Password field.If you don't like the suggested password, you can choose a different password from the pop-up menu of the Suggestion field, increase the length of the password by dragging the cursor or typing one yourself.
  • To remove a password from the document, open the password-protected document, then deselect "Request password to open" in the Document panel of "Document Settings". Enter the document password to disable password protection, then click OK. The title of the document will no longer appear marked with a padlock icon; this indicates that the document is no longer password protected.
  • To change your password of the document, open the password-protected document, then click "Change Password" in the Document panel of the Document settings. Enter your password information in the available fields, then click "Change password".
  • To open a password-protected Pages document, double-click the document icon, type the password in the Password field, then click OK.

If you enter the wrong password, click OK in the dialog that appears, type the correct password, then click OK.


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