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TUTORIAL: Let's learn Pages, the "made in" Apple word processor for Mac! Part 11: Open …


Pages, the word processor for Mac developed by Apple. In this series of tutorials we see together to take the first steps to become experts! Part 11: Open an existing document

There are several ways to open a document created with Pages.

Below ways to open a Pages document:

  • To open a document when you are working in Pages, click Open an existing document in the "Template Selection" window, select the document, then click Open. In addition, you can choose File> Open, select the document and click Open.
  • To open a recently used document, choose the document from the "Open Recent" pop-up menu at the bottom left of the "Template Selection" window. Alternatively, you can choose File> Open Recent, then choose the document from the submenu.
  • To open a Pages document from the Finder, double-click on the document icon or drag the document onto the Pages icon.
  • To open a password-protected Pages document, double-click the document icon, type the password in the Password field, then click OK.

If you enter the wrong password, click OK in the dialog that appears, type the correct password, then click OK.

You can open a Pages document created with an earlier version of Pages (from iWork 05, iWork 06 or iWork 08). To take advantage of the new features, save the document in Pages 09 format. To continue using a document with iWork 08, save it in iWork 08 format.

Problems with fonts

Even if a message appears indicating that a font or document is missing, you can continue to use the document. Pages replaces the missing fonts. To use the missing fonts, exit Pages and add the fonts to the Fonts folder (for more information, see Mac Help). To view missing movies or audio documents, add them back to the document.


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