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TUTORIAL: Let's learn Pages, the "made in" Apple word processor for Mac! Part 10: Creating …


Pages, the word processor for Mac developed by Apple. In this series of tutorials we see together to take the first steps to become experts! Part 10: Create a new document

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Create, open, import, password protect and save Pages documents. Learn how to edit your Pages document in full screen mode.

To create a new Pages document, choose the word processing or page layout template that contains suitable formatting and layout features.

To create a new Pages document:

  1. Open Pages by clicking on its icon in the Dock or by double-clicking on its icon in the Finder.
  2. In the Template Picker window, select a template category in the left column to view the related Word Processing or Page Layout templates, then select the template that best matches the document you want to create.Screen 2013-03-15 at 17.19.14
  3. Click Choose. A new document opens on the screen. If the Template Chooser dialog doesn't appear when you open Pages for the first time, you can view it by setting your preference in Pages Preferences. Choose Pages> Preferences, click General and select "For new documents: Show Template Chooser dialog." Alternatively, you can set Pages to automatically open an empty document or the document template you want, whenever you open the application. Choose Pages> Preferences, click General, select For New Documents: Use Template, then click Choose. Select a model, then click Choose.

Search for the page types available in most Pages templates by moving the pointer right or left over a template icon in "Template selection". You can change the size of the icons of the models by adjusting the slider located at the bottom of the "Model selection" window.

If you want to start from a document without any text or multimedia placeholders, choose the Empty option in "Word Processing" or "Page Layout".

To add text in an Empty page layout document, insert a text box and write the text inside the box. To add text in an Empty word processing document, start writing.


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