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Turn your Android device into a Macintosh with Mac OS!

You read that right: you can transform your smartphone or tabletAndroid in oneMacintoshcomplete withMac OS on board!

Thanks, as always, to a user who is a member of the developer forumXDA-Developers, now possible to emulate the operating system of the first personal computers produced byAppleon their devices Android. More precisely, the OS in question Mac Plus, mounted on the Macintosh Plus presented in 1986.

In order to use this operating system on your device, you just need to use a special emulator. However, since it is only a emulator, you will not be able to do great things; however, you will have the opportunity to edit text files and play some retr games.

If you are interested in installing this OS on your Android product, we suggest you visit the page on official topic in the XDA forum. If you try your hand at it, do not hesitate to leave your impressions below, have fun!


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