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Towelroot, Geohot's new tool for Galaxy root …

On the network among hackers working on mobile devices very well known, let's talk about Geohot, engaged for years in the jailbreak procedure for Apple devices, the first to be able to unlock a Playstation 3, but engaged on all fronts of the mobile world. His latest work is called Towelroot and allows you to run the root procedure on the American Galaxy S5, but also on international versions not that on other devices in the Andorid world,

Towelroot takes advantage of one flaw the Linux kernel discovered by Pimkie Pie, and known by the acronymCVE-2014-3153, and allows you to perform the root procedure on Samsung devices equipped with an operating system Android 4.4.2 KitKat with builds prior to June 3. Among these we find the Galaxy S5 in the American versions of the AT&T and Vetrizon operators, but this tool also works on the international versions of the device as well as on other Android products such as GalaxyS4, S4 Active and Note 3 and Nexus 5.

This procedure performed by Towelroot is very simple to perform, and also does not increase the Knox counter, very important for the guarantee of Samsung products. The tool available on the page of the Geohot website, we recommend everyone to proceed with caution since there is still no news on the full compatibility of Towelroot with European devices.

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