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Todoist Business: the low-cost company task manager is official

The optimization of resources in the workplace, even in the simplification of apps and software, represents one of the primary market challenges by the main software houses and in the panorama Android there are few services able to guarantee efficiency and a wide range of features at an affordable price, allowing those who use them to be able to make a difference in their sector of action, reasons that have allowed the creation of Todoist Business.

The new structure-based tool cloud and developed by Todoist, represents the perfect fusion of the objectives and intents mentioned, managing to meet the need for companies to obtain benefits and benefits in the same work tool. In fact, Todoist Business is an optimized extension of Todoist, exploited by about 82% of the over 2 million users connected to the service in working terms, all perfecting the basic idea of ??the task manager with the implementation of new utilities such as:

  • Resource management: centralized control by the administrator who can add and / or remove the members of the work group, up to a maximum of 50 people, through a single interface from which it is also possible to manage payments, invoicing, and individual projects and activities, respectively for a maximum of 80 and 200 types
  • Internal collaboration: individual users have full access to the company contact list, sharing resources in a simplified way and with accessibility levels with limitations
  • Project sharing: shared box Inbox team and personal addition simply through names, and not email addresses
  • Project management: sub-activities, sub-projects, labels, filters, priority levels, deadlines, and alerts that can be executed via email reminders, SMS or push notifications
  • File sharing: native support for integration with Dropbox is Google Drive
  • Multi-platform synchronization: Todoist for Business available on 13 different platforms and prides itself on the known plugins, as for Outlook is Gmail.

Todoist Business therefore offers the best of Todoist, with a system and a network of services designed for the company and the improvement of the communication factor, a key element for setting the activities in motion, all at one of the lowest prices on the market just 2.20 euros monthly per single user, a cost that is an investment in production terms, going to compete with alternative services in a market that increasingly pays attention to business sector.

Below is an official demonstration video and the link to Google Play Store for the application:

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