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The Android Email Stock application made available by Google on Play …

Google has made the mail client stock present on Android, part of the series GApps which distinguishes the app package of its official Nexus and Google Play Edition series devices. Let's see in detail this app for those who do not know it.

Android stock email a application with which we will have the possibility ofread and manage the emails of different accounts from a single location, where we can also set up and control non-Gmail accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or even Outlook. The support extended to almost all the main mail clients available on the web, and the user experience equal to the Gmail application, specific for Google accounts.

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<p style=In this way, even those who do not have a device supported directly by Google for the software part will be able to use the mail application contained in the GApps package. Let's see what are the main features of this application:

  • IMAP, POP3 and Exchange account support
  • Possibility to choose the folders to be synchronized
  • Quick answers
  • Automatic download of attachments via Wi-Fi

Below you can find the download link of its APK:

Here below you can find the dedicated page of the Play Store where you can download the application:

Google Play email app

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