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Terrorism slows down the Microsoft process

Terrorism slows down the Microsoft process logomacitynet1200wide 1

The events in New York and Washington delay the submission of documents for the review of the Microsoft trial. Yesterday, in fact, Judge Coleen Kollar-Kotley announced that for "justified reasons" the date of submission of the documents was postponed from today on Tuesday, instead, the meeting that for the first time, from the disposition of the court of appeal that sent the files back to the district court for a review, is set for September 21 to put the two sides face to face in front of a judge At the beginning of the week, Microsoft had meanwhile forwarded other documents to the Supreme Court to solicit the adoption of his case, rejecting the reasons of the DOJ, which instead believes that it is not necessary to subject the proceeding to the highest judgment of the nation. According to Microsoft, the examination of the Supreme Court is justified by the fact that the entire proceeding would have been invalidated at the origin by the prevention against the Colossus of Redmond by Judge Jackson who had pronounced the dismemberment sentence. According to Bill Gates' lawyers, Jackson did not have the necessary independence to decide on it and therefore the guilty pronouncement, also confirmed by the court of appeal, must be reviewed.

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