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Team Dragon: an excellent quality fighting game!

We present you Team Dragon, a fighting game for android really excellent quality and optimized for devices with Snapdragon processor. The game really very interesting because it has one top-level graphics and accompanied by full-style gameplay Street Fighter.

It also has one multiplayer mode that probably will make us fight directly with our acquaintances simply by using their internet.

Here is the game trailer which is representative of both graphics and gameplay:

[yframe url = ?http: // v = xHw_AL1mXXw & feature =]

Unfortunately we noticed that being one almost exclusive for devices with Snapdragon heart, not available for many devices. However we could see that for the Galaxy S3it would seem downloadable.

Here are the connection boxes to Google Play to buy it or to try it for free through a demo:

[App] com.khaeon.teamdragon [/ app]

[App] com.khaeon.teamdragondemo [/ app]

Let us know your impressions!

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