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Tablet, bad all manufacturers except two: Apple and Huawei

The tablet and 2-in-1 market gave alarming signals this quarter; only iPad and Mediapad sell more than last year

(Photo: Idc)(Photo: Idc)

Apple and Huawei after all they are among the companies that have shown the most that they still believe in this sector. The Cupertino house has been trying for some time to advertise iPads as gadgets capable of replacing the laptop not only for the use of contents, but also for their creation and for productivity in general; pen and keyboard are two optional additions arrived on the iPad Pro introduced in 2015 that they have changed the face of the Apple tablet along with a series of software updates that made it much more useful than it was a few years ago.

Huawei continues to instead aggressively push its Mediapads, mostly dedicated to those who want to find the contents ready on the screen. Offered in several models and configurations and above all characterized by a high average quality, the gadgets have become over the years synonymous with reliability in the Android sector. On the other hand, the Chinese group has not yet launched headlong into the tablet niche for productivity: some of its most advanced products with Google software include a digital pen in the package, but its efforts in the 2 in 1 field are more what else related to the Windows world.

Samsung is literally in the middle, and in the ranking of manufacturers of the quarter is behind Apple but in front of Huawei, despite recording a significant drop in sales (from 6 to 5 million tablets sold). The reason for the disappointing performance can be simple to explain: last year the flagship tablet of the Korean group for 2017 Galaxy Tab S3 entered the market in the second quarter, while that of this year still not released.

In any case to understand what impact can the launch of a new product have? on Samsung's position in the tablet field, it won't take much: in recent days the Korean company has launched aoffensive on two fronts, presenting on one side the Galaxy Tab S4 with included nib and optional keyboard attached to the tablet transforms the interface into a graphic system more similar to that of a laptop product; on the other Galaxy Tab A4, a cheaper variant without some of the top features of Tab S4 dedicated to those who simply want to surf the web with their tablet, check a few emails and enjoy movies and TV series.


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