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SwiftKey 5: the new version is official, the app becomes free with many …

Within the complex and vast panorama of alternative Android keyboards, an element of pride recently also emulated by the new iOS 8, a sign of how much the customization of the keyboard compared to that of the system represents a winning weapon although many companies are aiming for increasingly competitive internal services, just think of Smart Keyboard LG, above all SwiftKey represents a brand of safety and quality, especially in light of the new update.

The keyboard reaches the version 5, an occasion for which the developers have decided to make important changes, both graphic and functional, aiming to cement the loyalty of users who already use it, with some proposals that reward its constancy, as well as trying to entice new ones, perhaps not convinced by aesthetics, although on a functional level the quality and speed provided are objectively indisputable for anyone. SwiftKey has thus decided to make a gift to everyone, the app becomes freemium, or free for use and download but with paid content available at the price of 0.89 and among these stand out i themes, with lots of graphic changes.

The novelties of SwiftKey are not limited only to an aesthetic question, it has been introduced SwiftKey Store, the personalization area for the purchase of themes, more than 30 with the addition of a new standard called "Nickel", And add-ons, like the Emoij by default present in more than 800 variants, and functional improvements have been made to the forecasts for the latter, suggesting the most suitable face based on the contexts, improving the row of numbers, with a more immediate insertion, as well as increasing the predictive capacity, a strength that now, in addition to boasting more specific skills, acts simultaneously on as many as 3 different languages, the latter extended in packages up to 66 types.

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<p>To celebrate these improvements, returning to the user loyalty speech, SwiftKey has decided to provide a tribute a <strong>Premium Pack</strong> of themes, containing 10 different types and the value of <strong>4.99</strong>, to all those who purchased the Premium version in the past, as long as, probably to recognize the license, to link their account<strong> Google</strong> application. You just have to download it and test all the news:</p>
<p>Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions.</p>