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Songs for Tibet also returns to China

Songs for Tibet also returns to China logomacitynet1200wide 1

After iTunes, the pro Tibet album is also available again in China. The restoration of normal conditions and, even, the possibility of purchasing the controversial (for the local government) Songs for Tibet reported by several American sites that have had feedback directly from the territory of the People's Republic.

The reappearance of the compilation, intended to support the Dalai Lama's projects, should be the last chapter of a story that began a few days ago when the iTunes Store suddenly turned out to be unreachable if you tried to launch the store from Chinese territory. It soon became clear that the problem was precisely the album promoted by Sting which, for understandable reasons, was not very welcome at the top of the Asian country. In addition, Apple had also had the idea of ??massively promoting the compilation with a banner that appeared on the store front window.

Apple, prompted, has decided to investigate, a formal but substantially useless step since some local media (which have traditionally had close ties to the government) had been quite explicit in the critical voices of 'Songs for Tibet' giving a clear signal on the reasons dellom stop at the shop. ITunes later reappeared, but without the songs for the Dalai Lama; now the last step with the renewed availability of the musical work.

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