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Snapkeys Zones: an incredible free keyboard for Android devices

Writing by the keyboard of our android devices one of those features that we use most daily on our device, messages, emails, notes and more still need this system for entering words and numbers. On Android there are many third-party keyboards including Swype and SwiftKey are the best known, but a new application so far little known has great potential to completely change the way you use your smartphone or tablet. It's about Snapkeys Zones, we know this new writing method better.

Snapkeys Zones currently a open beta for Android devices which can be used for free for a month, and unlike any other keyboard you've ever used before. The main feature used by this app seems really bizarre at first, but actually very bright: instead of having 26 single virtual keys, Snapkeys only has 6 buttons for all 26 letters of the alphabet.

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<p style=With Snapkeys, you don't need to point to a specific letter, you just have to point to the area and the keyboard prediction engine does the rest. It takes a while to get used to the writing method, but once you have entered the system, you will see that you will be typing faster and more accurately than you did previously.The keyboard is currently in beta but works well, also on tablets, Snapkeys resizable according to user preferences, we see in a video its operation in detail:

Snapkeys Zones downloadable directly from Play Store by linking to this link.

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