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Since September, cell phones have been used on Ryanair flights

From September mobile phones flying on Ryanair planes. The founder and owner of the low cost company, Michael O'Leary in Italy for VeDro, a laboratory of future scenarios that saw the participation of some entrepreneurs and politicians' under announced the start of the service yesterday 40 '.

During the event held near Trento, O'Leary gave for the first time a precise date on the availability of the service, announced for some time. Previously there was talk of mid-August, then of the end of the month. Now it is learned that even the Italians departing from our country on the blue and white planes of the Irish company, will have the opportunity to make calls while they are at 10 thousand meters high and this from September. To give this opportunity Ryanair is preparing several planes; in early July there were already 10, the most important fleet in the world equipped with small cells, the hardware used to connect phones while flying. At the moment, several experiments are underway in Europe, the most important and well-known being carried out by Air France with an Airbus that also flies to Italy. Nobody has for so many airplanes compatible with cellular technology like Ryanair and nobody still has, above all, a real commercial service.

Ryanair plans to use telephony in flight to produce profits, betting on the fact that many people make calls and send SMS. It will also be possible, always with this in mind, to use online casinos.

O'Learly promises cheap rates. 'The cost will be that of the normal roaming tariff without a surcharge by the airline. We will take – says the owner of Ryanair in a statement released to the news agencies – a commission from the telephone companies, in flight you can talk to your girlfriend or wife, but I think there will be many SMS instead. Maybe they can write that they left once again on time with Ryanair or that they arrived again late with Alitalia ".