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ShadowGun: DeadZone will be available on Google Play from November 15th!

Finally little is missing! The final release of the version multiplayer of ShadowGun about to arrive. Appointment on Google Play Store on November 15th for the new masterpiece Madfingers!

Released in beta a few weeks ago, ShadowGun: DeadZone is finally preparing to arrive in the final version on the Google Play Store completely free of charge and with an in-app market. No upgrade of the "buy, pay and win" series, but only small goodies dedicated to personalization, in order to make the game as balanced as possible.

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Upon release there will be numerous weapons, two game modes and various customizations for your team and appearance.

We just have to wait for November 15, which between one thing and another is becoming one of the busiest months of 2012 for the sector Android!


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