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Serious bug, Spore Origins removed from the iTunes store

Serious bug, Spore Origins removed from the iTunes store logomacitynet1200wide 1

A bug forces Apple to remove Spore Origins from the iTunes store. The disappearance of the game from the online sales site last night and the official explanations, as always, are not there. A let us suppose that this is the answer to a bug derives from what we read on iLounge, a site specialized in the field of iPod that has detected serious problems with some models of the player.

In particular, according to iLounge, the bug would cause the game to freeze on the home screen and force the player to restart. The unpleasant phenomenon would happen with the fifth generation iPods and the iPod classic. Confirmations are reported by several readers who in the comments gave identical feedback.

It remains to be understood how Electronic Arts (and Apple) could release a game with a bug of this magnitude, especially considering the relevance of the publisher and the importance of the game. Recall that Spore, even in its mobile version, one of the most anticipated titles of recent years. To give life to it Will Wright, inventor of The Sims as well as Sim City; Spore, announced for all platforms, has learned to become the blockbuster of the Christmas period in the videogame field.

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