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Riptide GP 2 is shown on video: phenomenal graphics!

Riptide GP 2, the successor of a very famous Android game released for devices Tegra 3 and then transported to others, he showed himself in a video where his truly top-level graphics are highlighted! The video was released by that the developer of the game.

This time we can say that we have truly arrived at a graphic detail comparable to the consoles also of the latest generation.

Here is the video that shows you Riptide GP 2 probably not played on a TEGRA 4 device (water would not seem to have the normal effects related to tegra devices):

(yframe url = ?http: // v = Y4IC60fgccU & feature =

After watching the video, what do you think of this second edition of the water simulation sports simulation game famous for Android / iOS?

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