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Right to be forgotten: how to remove yourself from Google search results

Thanks to a judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union now citizens can demand that search engines remove all references to their person on their pages, so that their name is no longer associated with any outgoing results. This novelty is called right to be forgotten, and all engines will have to comply with this provision, even Google, which has already put in place the modalities with which to request this possibility, let's see how.

Google has put online a dedicated page with which users will be able to submit their membership request by revealing their right to be forgotten, a sort of request to drop the data relating to their person into the web, but Google has interpreted this request not automatically, i.e. once the request you will not be automatically deleted, but everything will be assessed by Mountain View itself, examining case by case, and only after will the decision will be taken whether to remove the desired links or leave everything as it is to protect the interest in public information.

This is a delicate matter that we will still hear about in the future, also because in the first days of putting this service online they were well 12,000 requests made to Google to adhere to this right to be forgotten.

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