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Refund Android app: how to request it on the Play Store

The user who downloads aAndroid app from the Play Store it often encounters a disappointment. How many times does it happen to test an application, whose operation did not coincide with what is described in the description? If you pay the app, it can be a hassle. Fortunately, Google allows the data subject to obtain the Android app refund. Here is the procedure you must follow to request it from the Play Store.

It is good to specify that, in principle, Google returns the amount spent within a quarter of an hour from the purchase of that specific application that leaves the user unsatisfied. However, as we will shortly point out, the Colossus of Mountain View proves to be quite flexible on this aspect.

Refund Android app within 15 minutes of purchase: the one in question certainly the case that occurs most frequently. The user downloads an application and from the first start he senses that it is not what he expected. The Android app refund is done by opening the Google Play Store application on the mobile device and pressing the button Refund. In this way, Google fully compensates the user and the app is uninstalled.

The procedure in question is valid only for those light applications. Try to download particularly heavy applications or in situations where the wireless connection is particularly unstable! 15 minutes will never be enough for you. Many users of the Android platform are hoping for a return to 2010: the trial period four years ago lasted 24 hours. In the short term nothing new is seen.

Android app refund request directly to the developer: if the fateful 900 seconds have passed, there is little chance of getting a refund. However, trying does not harm. The user can try to report to the developer who, at his discretion, can satisfy his motivated requests. The developer contacts are almost always present in the description of the application. Once contacted by email, the developer can also fix any bugs or find a solution to the reported problem.

Refund Android app how to request it on the Play Store

Request Android app refund to Google: if the user purchases a paid app, without the version quarrel, Google can compensate the user within 48 hours. Just select the option Report a problem and then I would like to ask for a refund. At this point, we must report what are the reasons that push the owner of the smartphone or tablet to request compensation. Within 5 days, the user will get the answer.

In principle, after 15 minutes from the purchase of the application, the chances of being successful in the Android app refund request they drop dramatically. Therefore, it is always worth checking what is being downloaded and installed on your device, as well as reading the various reviews on the dedicated page.

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