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Philips CinemaOne, all-in-one audio / video system for iPod

The Berlin IFA, one of the most interesting annual events for technology enthusiasts, saw Philips present its CinemaOne: it is simply a "round box" capable of combining different features typical of a complete home audio / video system .

The CinemaOne has the following features: CD player, DVD player, iPod dock, five-channel amplifier, six speakers and a subwoofer, all concentrated in one and only accessory, ideal for the tightest spaces. As you can imagine, the performance can be different from a modular system, but it can have its advantages in terms of space and comfort.

Thanks to Philips technology, the accessory implements DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology compatible with Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG2 multi-channel and stereo broadcasting. The accessory allows playback of DivX, Mpeg, WMV, and JPG formats, from CDs, DVDs and iPods. In addition, iPod playback can be conveniently controlled by the radio control included in the package. Videos will enjoy 1080p upscaling, which can be viewed via an HDMI connection.

Finally, this USB port allows connection with other devices capable of playing music in different formats, PCM, WMA or MP3, which will be able to recover the musical quality lost during audio encoding thanks to the aforementioned DSP system.

For now, other details regarding the launch of the accessory are not yet known, neither as regards the exit, nor as regards the price of the Philips accessory.