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On the Tim website for sale iPhone without contract

On the Tim website for sale iPhone without contract logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone 3G also appears online on Tim's website. The availability for sale on the e-commerce channel of Telecom's mobile arm is a novelty in the last few hours. Since the day of the launch, in fact (except for some sporadic events lasting a few hours) Tim has never offered iPhone on his site.

In addition to the rest, the models for sale are both available: 8 Gb and 16 GB (the latter only in black). The 16 Gb model was practically nowhere to be found (except for the first day) online also by Vodafone, which has also constantly made the 8 GB model available for sale on its website. Needless to say, both the and the 16 GB are released from the contract and at full price: 499 and 569 euros.

The iPhone on Tim's website confirms what Macity wrote during yesterday, namely that the availability of iPhones in Italy is now at a level sufficient to meet the demand. Otherwise Tim would have hardly been unbalanced with an online sale (moreover with a phone without a contract) when he was unable to adequately supply his stores.

At this point, therefore, those who want to buy an iPhone without a contract and are faced with the unpleasant situation of being rejected this opportunity by a store, can, alternatively simply turn their backs on the counter and go to buy it sitting in front of their Mac or PC, perhaps making it present to the shopkeeper (who at that point will know that he is losing a sale and if he wants to report it to whoever gave the disposition), or insist stressing that what is refused in the shop is offered online.

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